A design for a new, systainable high rise complex located in Westminster, London. Sustainable design strategies included (1) the reduction of the building footprint to allow for green, public spaces by lifting building blocks, (2) natural ventilation, (3) greenery in and around the building for carbon capture and occupant well-being, (4) rain water collection for grey water use, (5) flexible, open floor plans, (6) maximizing natural daylight access, (7) energy-efficient thermoregulation through heat exchange between building functions that generally require cooling and functions that generally require heating, as well as heat generation in atria, and (8) renewable energy production.

One key design component is the implementation of several atria that serve multiple purposes. They allow for natural ventilation by generating a stack effect. In addition, heat generated in the atria due to solar heating can be extracted and recirculated to heat the building. The atria also allow for natural light to reach deeper parts of the building, and views onto the green walls in the atria provide a much needed connection with nature in a London high rise building.

9th and 45th floors of the sustainable high rise building.

High end apartment with an atrium on the left side that provides natural light and a view of vertical greenery inside the atrium.

Team: Stavroula Georgiadou, Remi Legierse, Baihui Song, Davy Ku, Jorrit van den Berg, and Lara Tomholt