Researcher for future buildings and cities
I started my Bachelor in Architecture at Delft, University of Technology in 2007. In 2009 I studied a semester at the faculty of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano. After I received my BSc, I continued my education with the Master Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, and participated in projects of The Why Factory. My master education at The Why Factory has truly inspired me and has shaped my academic and career goals. The Why Factory advocates the necessity to research, theorize and politicize the architectural future in order to find possible directions for our architectural and urban futures. Their aim (as is my aim as well) is to connect architecture with issues or trends in the world. Its focus is on design by research. For research to support the design, I have been taught to recognize and determine the information the design requires, collect the information, systemize and visualize the research results and design a building or city based on research results.

I was an intern at Benthem Crouwel Architects, after which my work was presented at IABR in 2014. After I received my Master of Science at Delft University of Technology in 2014, and The Why Factory has both inspired and prepared me for architectural research, I am determined to pursuit my intellectual aims: to research architectural possibilities that move the world forward and solve problems (big or small) the world is dealing with, to be truly innovative and conduct research that will educate and inspire students, architects and other researchers. I will do so by continuing to challenge myself, to be open to learning new skills and gaining new knowledge and to aim to excel.

Ir. Lara Tomholt