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Grasshopper scripts

For the City Accelerator and the 4 Minute City project I developed some grasshopper scripts that can be of good use to other people. (The circular intensity diagram has already been used in at least one other architecture project at the TU Delft) Therefore I placed some of my most useful scripts at this page for anybody to download and use them as a basis in their own projects.

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weighted voronoi 2D and

On the internet I saw many people who were in need of a script to create a weighted voronoi. Few people found solutions approaching a weighted voronoi from points and radii. To suit my needs in the City Accelerator project, I developed my own approximation of a weighted 2D and 3D voronoi.

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weighted thickness based on

What if you have a network of lines that is used for anything (e.g. people, forces, elements) to move through? And what if the amount (of people, forces, elements) moving through it different for each connection?

This script first finds the shortest route for each connection through the network of lines. Then it calculates and visualizes the amount (of people, forces, elements) for each line.

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circular intensity

The script arranges any number of points on a circle and interconnects them with curved lines. The script allows you to add or remove any number of points and distributes the points evenly on the circle. You can assign a value to each curved line, giving a thickness to the line and thus visualizing the value.

These scripts were used as a basis in the following projects: